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Pink Floyd's Roger Waters Rejects Zuckerberg and his Corrupt Money

The things money can't buy are said to include character, values, morals, ethics, humanity, integrity, and love.  I think Pink Floyd's Roger Waters became the paragon of all these qualities when he rejected Mark Zuckerberg's offer of "a huge, huge amount of money" to use one of Pink Floyd’s most popular songs to promote Instagram. Mr. Waters, a guest speaker at a June 10, 2021 event advocating for Julian Assange’s release and the importance of protecting journalists and the free press, called Facebook's Zuckerberg “one of the most powerful idiots in the world.”  Saying his answer to Zuckerberg's offer was "<expletive> you!" and "No <expletive> way!" Roger Waters added (correctly) that "Zuckerberg was a little <expletive> when he was grading co-eds. Being very rich changes nothing, he’ll always be a little <expletive>!"

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