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Sosis Law, LLC provides a professional, caring and cost-conscious environment, where you can feel comfortable and confident trusting us to handle your legal concerns.  We handle a wide range of issues including Divorce and Family Law, Consumer Law, Internet and Cybersecurity, Estate Planning and Administrative Law.  We have a personal commitment to communicate and listen to you. 

For clients going through the difficult issues surrounding divorce and children, we work with you to implement the childrens "Bill of Rights" which provide guidelines to divorced parents and encourage mutual respect for the children's best interest.

For clients struggling with a consumer fraud matter, you should be aware that New Jersey has a strong consumer protection law that makes it extremely cost-effective to bring your case before the court.  This makes it possible for you to be represented even for matters involving small claims.

If your matter involves an issue dealing with a state agency, we can help. Call us to discuss your case.

You can trust Sosis Law, LLC to help you establish an estate plan that will protect your loved ones as well as your assets.

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Welcome to Sosis Law!